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We Put More Into It Than You’ll Ever Know

Since 2006, it’s been our mission to serve the freshest, highest quality coastal Baja cuisine that you can feel good about eating- everyday! We start with fresh food prepared without artificial ingredients. We source locally and seek organic food ingredients. We don’t own a microwave, our tortillas are made fresh for each order & our salsas are made from scratch every day.
We use responsibly sourced wild-caught seafood & raised food suppliers. Our yellowfin tuna is prime-grade and our shrimp is from the Gulf coast. Our beef, chicken & pork is cage-free and pasture raised by responsible farmers. Our belief is that seafood should come from the sea and not a farm, while poultry, beef & pork should always come from a farm and not a cage. Naturally, our food is fresh, hand-crafted & made to order.
At Don Juanz, our commitment to improving the quality of life in our community is just as important as the quality & freshness of our food. This is why we’re like no other- the passion of our team-members and the quality of our food is why we continue to strive to fill your tortilla with something you love.